SUREX Community Services
  • 40 Wynford Drive, Suite 311 | Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1J5
  • 416-469-4109
  • Mon-Fri:  9:00am-5:00pm

Surex Community Services was created in 1980 as a pilot project to repatriate individuals who had long resided in Huronia Regional Centre (Orillia, ON). This was the first attempt in Ontario at integrating institutionalized people with severe disabilities into community based services. This pilot project marked a significant change and direction for the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. The success of this project led the way to a provincial policy and strategy to significantly downsize provincially operated institutions and eventually close all institutions. The last institution was closed on March 31, 2009. Surex played a vital role in confirming that people with disabilities could live and work in the community.

Surex was incorporated in 1983 as a not for profit, charitable organization and is governed by a volunteer, community Board of Directors.

Surex operates several homes and a multi-service community support programs in the eastern part of Toronto for adults who have a developmental disability. These programs are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services and donations from the public.